A bubble CPAP machine for use with spontaneously breathing infants requiring respiratory support.

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy supports the airways of preterm and low-birth weight newborns, who can breathe spontaneously but inadequately. It is a comfortable alternative to relatively invasive therapies, endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation.
The CPAP V3 system is designed to protect compromised airways, enhancing patient comfort and optimizing infant outcomes. Its continuous gentle pressure of air decreases the baby’s work of breathing by keeping the alveoli of the lungs open, enables efficient capillary exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide to take place, helps establish and maintain functional residual capacity, prevents collapse and upper airway obstruction, and reduces apnoea, bradycardia and cyanotic episodes.


 The CPAP V3 provides a noninvasive, clinically effective and safe therapy to treat newborns and infants with respiratory distress syndrome and other common respiratory pathologies. It accurately mixes air with oxygen, adds humidity to the gas mixture, and then delivers it to the patient at precisely-controlled flow rate.


Designed with comfort in mind, the CPAP V3 technology is coupled with an innovative patient interface that reduces the potential for skin-related issues. Available in three different sizes, the nasal cannulas are made of skin-friendly biocompatible material that does not contain DEHP and Latex.


The CPAP V3 delivers high-quality pressure support to even the smallest and most fragile infants. It is suitable even for low birth weight infants and can be administered immediately after birth, ensuring that neonatal energy is reserved for growth and development.

Key Features

100% reusable and cleanable, no disposable parts.
Cost effective.
Easy installation and maintenance.
Includes gas mixing, humidification, PEEP chamber, air compressor in one unit.
Includes user manual and training video.

Easy, accurate adjustment.

2. Gas Mixing
Easily visible oxygen and air rotameters display gas flow rates.
FiO2 table for quick oxygen percentage calculation.

3. Humidifier
User adjustable heater power for different operating environments.
Humidifies gas stream to prevent drying of the airways.

4. Patient Circuit
Reusable silicone breathing circuit.
Pinch proof.
Can be chemically disinfected.
Includes internal heater wire and temperature sensors.
Full PID temperature controller with advanced safety features.
Digital temperature sensor for accurate temperature control.

5.Gas Supply
Can operate from a variety of oxygen sources.

6. Air Compressor
Integrated air compressor means there is no need for an external air source.
Integrated power connection turns compressor on and off with rest of unit.
Combined power switch turns CPAP and compressor on and off with one switch.

7. Controls
Simple and easy to use right.

8. Displays/Indicators
“Control set temperature, humidifier power, air/oxygen flow rate and allow for calculation of FiO2.”
“Displays for set temperature, humidifier power, sensor temperature and sensor connected.”
LCD display with diagnostic and troubleshooting information.
Total system time counter (lifetime)

9. Safety
PEEP adjustment prevents accidental blockage.
Intelligent handling of temperature sensor failures.
Backup ambient temperature sensor.
3 prong electrical connection for safe grounding.

cpapv3 features

Easy To Use

The CPAP V3 features a large, bright and easy-to-read LCD display that provides a clear indication of set temperature, humidifier power, sensor temperature, sensor connection, and troubleshooting information.



The CPAP V3 combines a compact, quiet, and easy-to-operate technology with precise control of gas flow delivery and oxygen concentration. For added patient safety, the CPAP V3 incorporates a full complement of alarms, effectively reducing the level of complexity and stress at bedside.


Cost Efficient

CPAP V3 combines proven clinical effectiveness in respiratory care and patient monitoring technology with exceptional value.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and WeightHeight140cm
Shipping Weight22kg
Performance SpecificationsApplicationNeonatal
Tidal Volume0.01 - 2.0L
Lifetime5 years
Standard Warranty1 year
PEEP/CPAP TypeBubble
Pressure Range0 to 10cm H2O
Gas MixingType2 x Rotameter
Oxygen Percentage / FiO221 to 100%
Air CompressorTypeDiaphragm
Power SupplyIntegrated
Gas SupplyOxygen Input Range0.1 to 90 psi
Air Input Range (Optional)0.1 to 90 psi
Patient CircuitTypeHeated, Reusable
Air TemperatureAdjustable - 35 to 39degC
Power SupplyVoltage220V AC 10%
Frequency47 - 63Hz
Wattage210W maximum


Standard warranty 1 year.

(Subject to MTTS policy)

Ordering Information and Servicing

Ordering InformationCPAP UnitItem Order NoCP3-1000
Spare Parts and ConsumablesWash-binItem Order NoCP3-1010
Sterilisation TabletsCP3-1011
Air CompressorCP3-1020
Air Compressor FilterCP3-1021
Air Compressor diaphragmCP3-1022
Humidifier bottleCP3-1031
PEEP BottleCP3-1032
Heater Wire elementCP3-1040
Silicon TubingCP3-1050
MTTS Nasal Canula - Size 0CP3-1060
MTTS Nasal Canula - Size 1CP3-1061
MTTS Nasal Canula - Size 2CP3-1062
User ManualCP3-1070