Infant Bed

In order to create the best environment in taking care of newborn babies, we always research optimal solutions to help doctors easily care for and transfer the babies inside hospital buildings. The latest version of the Infant Bed includes all the medical, technical  and aesthetic standards that create a comfortable environment for both doctors and babies. All the components of the bed are made from premium materials that are durable and meet medical standards.






Infant Bed is made from stainless steel (inox 304) that ensures it lasts longer than other devices.


The IV pole is adjustable from 0-15 degrees. The bassinet and the storage tray are removable for easy cleaning. Its design is simple, compact and portable.


The infant bed is designed to provide easy access to the patients and facilitate mobility within hospital buildings.

Key Features

Adjustable IV pole

Removable storage tray

Caster wheels with locks


Technical Specifications

Dimensions and WeightHeight102 cm
Width50 cm
Weight 15 kg
Shipping Weight 19 kg
Mximum load 20 kg
Tilt adjustment0 - 15 degrees
Performance SpecificationsStandard Warranty 1 year
Bassinet Length 82 cm
Width 46 cm
Depth 25 cm
Material Clear Polycarbonate
MattressLength 70 cm
Width37 cm
Depth4 cm
Material Waterproof Fabric
Storage tray Length 60 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 5 cm
Material Stainless Steel

Standard warranty 1 year.

(Subject to MTTS policy)

Ordering Information and Servicing

Ordering InformationInfant BedIBD-1010Main Unit
Accessories BassinetIBD-1010
Baby BonnetWLB-1070