Hand Sanitizer

A next-generation hand sanitizer that provides enhanced germ killing power with a skin-friendly formulation.

Health care-associated infection is a major problem for patient safety and pervades every health-care facility and system around the world. Failure to perform appropriate hand hygiene is considered the leading cause of HCAI and spread of multi-resistant organisms. Its prevention must be a first priority in all neonatal care settings. Optima is a next-generation hand sanitizer that provides proven prevention against a wide range of microorganisms.
The Optima hand sanitizer kit includes: a supply of 400ml bottles of concentrated hand sanitizer, a 7L mixing container, an alcohol meter, a blender for mixing the alcohol with the concentrate, and a supply of 400ml dispenser bottles. The kit also provides bed and wall hangers to hang the dispensers on all baby beds and key locations, such as the entrance of the unit and the hand-washing area.
The 70% alcohol solution is not provided as part of the kit.


Optima has several uses for infection prevention, including: hand disinfection; skin disinfection; surface cleaning of furniture, walls and large equipment; and surface disinfecting of small equipment such as stethoscopes and thermometers.


Optima is a next-generation hand sanitizer that offers advanced bacteria-killing power in a formulation that is gentle and soothing on the skin.


Optima supports health care professionals in implementing a comprehensive and consistent hygiene program through the use of bedside dispensers, wall-mounted dispensers, and wall posters.

Key Features

Cheapest and most effective method of reducing nosocomial infections in your hospital.
Research shows use of hand sanitizer can significantly decrease mortality.
Approved by Ministry of Health, Vietnam (VNDP-HC-700-08-13)
Pleasant perfumed smell, no strong chemical odour.
Glycerin to prevent dry hands.
Available as 50ml pocket sprays, 400ml bedside dispenser bottle and
7L bulk container.

1. 7L Container
Large, bulk container for central supply use.
Allows 400ml dispenser bottles to be refilled.

2. 400ml Concentrate
Available as an easily transportable 400ml concentrate.
Makes 7L (17 400ml dispenser bottles) of hand wash.

3. 400ml Dispenser Bottle
Fits into portable and wall hangers for bedside and nursing station use.
Can be refilled.
One pump dispenses enough hand wash for two hands.

4. Wall Hanger
For permanent mounting eg. at the nurses station or hand washing area.

5. Portable Hanger
For hanging on the edge of patient beds and other equipment.



Optima’s six-step waterless procedure (see Wall Poster in the download section) is designed to improve compliance and help reduce the risk of health care-associated infections.



Optima’s dispensing options make the hand sanitizer solution easy accessible by staff and visitors. The bed and wall hangers can be used to hang the dispenser bottles anywhere babies are being treated, including the entrance to the unit and all entryways inside the unit.


Cost Efficient

Optima is designed to reduce the cost of infection control in newborn care units. It requires no rinsing, saving time and costs associated with using water and paper towels. Moreover, the dispenser bottles are conveniently sized and reusable.

Technical Specifications

ApplicationAntimicrobial hand sanitizer for hospital personnel.
Active Ingredients (Mixed)Alcohol (0.689 w/v), Chlorhexidine Gluconate
(0.011 w/v), Glycerin (0.004 w/v)

Ordering Information

Spare Parts and Consumables7 Litre ContainerHST-1010
Essence for 7 Litre ContainerHST-1011
7 Litre Container (empty)HST-1012
400 ml DispenserHST-1020
400 ml Dispenser (empty)HST-1021
50 ml SprayHST-1030
Portable HangerHST-1041
Wall HangerHST-1042