Wallaby Warmer

A warm, comfortable and developmentally supportive environment for newborn and paediatric patients.

MTTS Product Line

As they leave the warmth of the mother’s womb for the much cooler environment of the delivery room, babies with limited metabolic capacity due to illness, prematurity or low birthweight are susceptible to experiencing thermal instability . MTTS provides a technologically advanced Warmer to restore, stabilize, and control the temperature of the newborn baby.
Focusing on enhanced functionality and clinical performance, the Warmer features safe, automatic control of patient temperature with smart problem detection, safety fallback modes, and LCD displays that show set temperature, temperature alarm, treatment time, total usage time, and heater power level. Moreover, the easy-to-open sidewalls provide access to the patient while keeping them warm and create an ideal ergonomic setting where caregivers can work efficiently.


The Warmer is a reliable device that provides optimal thermal care with low power consumption, high reliability components and long-life heating element.


The Warmer’s sophisticated technology is coupled with a user-friendly interface and an innovative problem detection system that work together to deliver consistent thermoregulation support.


The Warmer supports premature and sick neonates with a unique thermal environment, while giving you ease of access so you can provide the best possible care.

Key Features

Safe automatic control of patient temperature with smart problem
detection and safety fallback modes.
All replacement parts available from MTTS.
Solid state relay for long life operation.
Rigid stainless steel body.
Includes user manual and training video.
Includes service manual for hospital technicians.

1. Temperature Control System
Smart algorithms detect sensor misplacement.
Safe mode fallback control system allows for safe operation even if sensor is misplaced or disconnected.

2. Patient Sensor
Tiny, lightweight sensor is easy to place on the patient.

3. Power Supply
3 prong electrical connection for safe grounding.
User replaceable fuses for electrical protection.

4. Displays/Indicators
Bright, ‘across the room’ readable LED display shows current patient temperature.”
LCD displays shows set temperature, temperature alarm, treatment time, total usage time, heater power level and sensor connected.
Built in APGAR score timer.
LCD display with diagnostic and troubleshooting information.
Total system time counter (lifetime)

5. Safety
Audio and visual alarm indicators.
Intelligent handling of temperature sensor failures and misplacement.



For added patient safety, the Warmer incorporates a full complement of alarms that notify caregivers if the baby’s skin temperature deviates from the set point or the skin sensor falls of the patient.



The intuitive control panel makes sophisticated functions easy-to-use. The large, bright digital display provides all essential information about the patient in an easy-to-read format.


Cost Efficient

The warmer provides quality care at exceptional value. It combines a feature-rich microenvironment with low initial cost, low power consumption and long-life components.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and WeightHeight175cm
Shipping Weight59.9kg
Performance SpecificationsApplicationTreatment of neonatal and pediatric patients to
prevent hypothermia.
Patient Temperature Setting34.0degC to 38.0degC
Standard Warranty1 year
Heater Element TypeRadiant
Procedure Lamp TypeHalogen
Environmental SpecificationsOperating Temperature19degC to 40degC
Power SupplyVoltage220V AC 10%
Frequency47 - 63Hz
Wattage500W maximum

Standard warranty 1 year.

(Subject to MTTS policy)

Ordering Information and Servicing

Ordering InformationWarmer UnitItem Order NoWMR-1000Main Unit
AccessoriesSkin SensorItem Order NoWMR-1010
Baby Bonnet (S)WMR-1021Size: Small
Baby Bonnet (M)WMR-1022Size: Medium
Baby bonnet (L)WMR-1023Size: Large
User ManualWMR-1030English